Escape Games

  • The Penitentiary

    Saint Temple Prison Is One Of The Most Infamous Military Prison In History. No One Has Ever Escaped It. Until One Night, All the Prisoners Vanished. They Were Never Seen Or Heard Of Again. Rumors Say, The Incident Was Related To A Rampage Killer Named Richard Ramirez, AKA “The Night Stalker”. Another Prisoner Found A Weird-Looking Machine In The Cell Of The “Night Stalker”. They Disappeared The Next Day…

    You Wake Up One Day, And Find Yourself Locked In A Cramped Cell. You Are Cold And Alone. Silence Surrounds And Holds You. Suddenly, You Realize This Is The Mysterious Cell “The Night Stalker” Died. You Heart Is Pounding. No Matter If This Is A Game, You Know Your Only Goal Is To Escape.

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  • The Kingdom of Cats

    Welcome To The Cat Kingdom. The Ruler, Austin Schrodinger, Holds Annual Championship Tournaments To Select The Wisest Cat In The Kingdom. Unexpectedly, You, As A Human, Accidently Set Foot On Their Championship Battlefield. According To The Kingdom’s Law, Those In The Battlefield Must Compete In The Tournament Or Otherwise Be Imprisoned Here Forever. You Have No Choice, But to Accept The Challenge, And Solve Puzzles And Riddles In The Tournament.

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  • Room Ω

    Professor Stanley, Known For His Theory Of Time Travel, Disappeared Inside His Own Office Three Days Ago. His Students Said He Was About To Publish New Findings On Multiple Time Dimensions. As His Closest Friend, You’ve Decided To Find Out The Truth Of Prof. Stanley’s Mysterious Disappearance. Pay Attention To Any Clues Related To Time, Otherwise The Same Thing Could Happen To You…

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